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   President Stephen Mapes
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January 2016 President's Report:
The 43rd Annual VGHA Membership Meeting was held last Saturday Jan. 16 at Freedom Village. The Membership re-elected the 12 existing Board Members: Stephen Mapes, Fred Stelts, Meredith Underwood, Terry Smith, Kevin Ackley, Lynne Curry, Bill Moritz, Kay McNally, Marcia Brey, Judy Newlin, Rich Potts, and Steve Nogle. Steve Smith, a past Board member remains as the VGHA photographer.

We had approximately 80-90 in attendance about half Condo Residents and half Single Family Homes. Block Captains, Condo Officers and those who volunteered in our planting efforts were recognized. These are the many who make this Community what it is. We thank all of these volunteers for Making VG a better place to live.

We have posted the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting on our web site. A summary of the 2014 minutes were read and accepted as presented. Minutes of the 2015 Meeting will be posted after drafting and finalized.

The VGHA Board Member’s, all but one are new since Jan, 2014  and have made tremendous progress in upgrading the attractiveness of our Commons areas, enhanced communication with  the Membership via emails to the Block Captains and Condo Presidents, the Web Site, the free next Door Village Green web site and reinstated quarterly Villager news Letter. We have a great working relationship with the City and they have been very supportive of our cleanup efforts removing tree waste, canal repair and street and sidewalk repairs.

We are working to make this a closer knit Community with our Dine out effort and the re-institution of the Villager Newsletter which is fully paid for by advertisers for the first four issues. Thanks to your financial support and to those who have volunteered their labor, we have completed the majority of the 2014-2015 Work Plan. We have completed the replanting of all of the Medians and look forward to their growth and improved attractiveness to our Community Commons.

The value of homes in VG have gained immensely since the real estate bust in 2006 and sales of homes this year have risen to over 70+ excluding sales in the Mirabella Development. We are definitely attractive to new home buyers based on the sales volume, increases in sales prices and rapidity of sales from listing date, many selling in a week. The majority of the foreclosed homes have been purchased or will be auctioned soon or are up for sale and have or are in a state of rehabilitation.

The Mirabella Development is progressing quite well with over 43 homes sold and 30 to be occupied by this February. We have had significant issues with dust, noise, trash etc. and that was to be expected with a large infill construction project. Please be patient, the sooner it is completed the better off our Community will be. The Developer is moving rapidly to complete the infrastructure for the balance of the development rather than in phases so that most of the remaining lots will be salable by late spring or summer. Mirabella has committed to supporting VGHA with dues to maintain our Commons. Peripheral landscaping will be installed as the homes are completed.

We now turn to the financial reports. When the 2015 budget was developed in November of 2014, there was no 2015 Work Plan Developed. The totally New Board in 2014, except our Web Master, Steve Nogle, did not have enough time or knowledge of VGHA operations or issues to develop the Work Plan in our first year of leadership. Therefore, there was not sufficient amounts budgeted for significant re-plantings throughout VG, sodding tree rings, removal and grinding of stumps of dying palms on 20th and VG Parkway, trimming of the Oaks on the medians, nor the major repairs to our 1970’s installed  irrigation system.                                                    

This 2015 YE we are just slightly under budget for dues income collecting 98% of budget and over budget for total income. The over budget for income relates to the pre-payment of ad revenue in advance for 4 issues of the Villager. We did not budget expenses in 2015 for the reinstatement of the Villager. (My thanks to the great sales job Rich Potts has accomplished by getting ads to fully support the Villager). I would anticipate most advertisers will renew for the final two next year spring and fall and perhaps for 4 issues more issues. The next Dine Out is Tuesday Jan 19th  5:30 pm at RJ Gators and approximately 38-40 have confirmed.

2015 Budget and Audited 2015 Actual Operating Expenses and Budget for 2016

Our Treasurer and Data Manager of many years retired last year and I had the dubious honor of holding all three positions. The Data Manager job is the most laborious and time consuming. Keeping track of 1001 homes, resident’s names, phone numbers and ownership changes. No one stepped forward and we were forced to engage an accountant for the 2016 year at an additional expense of $4,000 a year. Meredith Underwood has assumed the position of Treasurer effective this month.

Our ending cash reserve is projected to be the same as 2015 FYE and is approximately 2.8 months of operating expense. I think it is prudent to maintain that reserve at that level going into 2017 and the approved 2016 budget does so. We have budgeted for 40 dues contributions from Mirabella and hopefully that is well understated. Assuming we complete our work plan which was mailed to you and get additional sales from Mirabella I do not foresee an increase in dues for 2017 unless we have major repairs necessary for our aged irrigation system or we have hurricane type weather and we have major damage to our Oaks, Palms and plant beds. Although we had some palm fronds and small oak branches come down in last night’s storm, there was no major damage.

Our new Treasurer, Meredith Underwood summarized the 2015 audit conducted by Ben Cooper of Personal Consulting Service.

My request to you the community is to be observant of the condition of our streets as they are in various stages of deterioration, to take pictures of pot holes and cracking of pavement, identify their specific locations and send them to me so that we can press the City to repair and repave Village Green in a more timely fashion. Also to be observant of possible criminal issues, irresponsible drivers and to report them to the police and to your Neighborhood Watch partners. Please report apparent violations of our Community Standards to Marcia Brey, our Deeds chair for review and follow up. Email addresses are on the web site.

Please consider joining Neighborhood Watch Program and report suspicious behavior to the Police Dept. Tami Goudy, Neighborhood Watch Liaison will be working with Mirabella to start a watch program within the Development.

There was significant discussion about revising the Deed Restrictions or possible moving to a Mandatory HOA. The arduous process was overviewed and the Board will consider its options at the Next Board meeting.

Lastly, this is a voluntary home owners association, committed to the improvement of our community, by reaching out to bringing our neighbors closer together, improving the environment and maximizing the value of our homes. I want to thank the current Board, the Membership who supports us financially, all of the Block Captains, Condo Presidents and Condo Officers and those who have volunteered their labor to replant Village Green.

It takes a Community to raise this Village and in the last couple of years this Village has been Raised. Thank you all for your support.

Please visit our Web Site for current news and Board actions and 2016 Work plan. Also accept an invitation to the free social media web site Next Door VG for the most current goings on.

Mayor Poston, City Council Member Gallo, Commissioner Chappie, Police Chief Radzilowski, and Tami Gouty, Neighborhood Watch Liaison for the Police Department made presentations. The crime rate for Bradenton and for Village Green has declined every year since 2013. Mrs. Goudy informed Members to call the City Police or Sheriff’s office if pan handlers are present. There has been a lot of that in the Publix parking lot and at the intersection of Manatee and 75th. A summary of their presentations will be posted in the final Minutes on the web site.

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